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Guest Post: Improving a Trade Show Booths taught me how to define success

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   Next, share some cases of our buyer about thetrade exhibition booth: she recently shared this story about the evolution of her custom trade show booth, I would like to share with you! – Vicky

The article contains the following: 

1、  State

2、  Best trade exhibition booth design

3、  the unexpected harvest of the exhibition

1,  State

There are times in life when new things feel terrible. Sometimes new things are small: a new schedule. A different teacher.  A new pet. Sometimes things are much bigger: move to a new place. A new job. start college (or your child leaves college). A sober choice. A new kid. The shift into a new field brings some discomfort, no matter how good it is in the larger picture of our lives. Back in January, I experienced this very uncomfortable feeling from a new experience-the impact of being a business owner on our lives is very important. I was on display at my first trade show. I think it's small. If you are not familiar with what a trade show might be, imagine it as a huge, retail store owner. This is a place of hundreds (sometimes thousands) of! Companies, big and small, take their best feet forward. Everyone's goal is the same: attract buyers at trade fairs to consider selling their products and then our booth.

In 2019, I went to Shanghai, China to participate in an exhibition. I want to look for the eye-catching and eye-catching exhibition booth stand booth there. Let me go to the local market in the United States to participate in the exhibition. Let the people who come to the exhibition remember my brand, my products.

I think :" this is the ultimate purpose of coming to the exhibition "when I went to all kinds of booths, all kinds of advertising equipment, display equipment, dazzling, very many people. After two hours of walking in, I was a little disappointed not to see a very good creative booth, but just then my partner told me that there was a good booth over there, to understand :" Follow your partner's footsteps to see the booth, instantly attracted, because the traditional booth is booth plus TV and so on, but very surprised that any part of the booth has a link to this led screen, you can see your booth in every corner of the booth, every angle, which is very important at an exhibition, Because your portable trade show boothis always promoting your products, whether it is front, back, side 360 degrees can promote your own products anytime, anywhere, deepen to participate in the exhibition buyer's exposure, let the buyer remember your brand, Your products, let you participate in the effective time, to maximize your participation in the exhibition a goal.

Listen to the introducer say this is one of them M Series system frame with led screen

Want to know which company this has a sense of design?

The answer is: Jiangmen Tianyu exhibition equipment Co., Ltd. is the most developed economy in Guangdong Province. Click on the link below: learn more!

2, Best trade exhibition booth design

so after further understanding tianyu this factory, when we attend the next trade show, our next booth has a theme. We spent a lot of time designing and we entered the trade exhibition, hoping that our mission and information could be conveyed more clearly. So here we discuss collectively, citing the m series of systems and the modern modular framework of the led screen to carry out our trade show. Of course, the salesman of Tianyu display equipment Company is very professional. After we put forward some of our design concepts and ideas, their professional design team quickly worked out a plan to make our communication more efficient and faster.

Tianyu also offer free 3D design

3,  the unexpected harvest of the exhibition

After a link of communication, confirmation, and picture confirmation, we paid the deposit, and then, the production link, the sky is in our communication group, inform us of the progress of each part, so we don't have to worry about when the goods arrive and when they can be done. As the goods arrived in my hands, we installed them, and Skyfield provided very detailed video installation tutorials, as well as installation drawings to guide us to quickly find the built aluminum material. Here we can feel the power of tianyum series of systems, so that we can build this huge booth in a very fast time, about three people in another hour. This shopping is the fastest and most satisfactory of my many exhibition equipment. The following figure is our booth, is not very eye-catching!




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