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What is Modular booth?

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For companies with different booth space requirements, a modular trade exhibition is a wise and cost-effective choice. These multifunctional, lightweight and cost-effective displays can provide exhibitors with a lot of things, especially those who need to be impressive in terms of budget. If you are ready for the next big trade exhibition, modular displays may prove to be priceless assets. The modular trade booth will also allow you to use the same graphics and display components in both configurations. One-off investment modular exhibition is a good way to save the marketing budget of the exhibition. Because it does not require separate hardware and graphics, modular displays require less storage space when not in use. Travel between activities will also become easier.

The article contains the following:

■ Our products

■ Benefits of a Modular Display at a Trade Show

■ Customizing Your Purchase


1、Our products

Our modular trade show is a complete system that gives people a deep impression in any case. If you are under a growing business, you undefinedly know it undefined important to stand out in the trade fair and in the meeting. If you are a leader in this field, then the visitor wants you to bring the "-Wow." into all of the things you have done. In short, the attractive display is critical, no matter how successful your business is. Our modular display system is both convenient and compelling. Zoom them up for a booth with a maximum of 10 x 10, or fold it down to reduce space. Either way, you can choose to seamlessly integrate video monitors, lighting, graphics, and more.


2、 Benefits of a Modular Display at a Show


The versatility of the modular display is undeniable. If your company is to take part in a variety of trade exhibitions and exhibitions in different sizes, they are the ideal choice. The modular exhibition is the most suitable for many exhibitions, which need to change the space of the exhibition, for example, from the 20 x 20 booth of an exhibition to 10 x 10 or 10 x 20 of the next exhibition. The modular display undefined structural block is very flexible, so it can be easily configured for different sizes, making it easy to customize. You can re-use the drawing on different display sizes, and you can make some fine adjustments to the resolution and format, reducing the overall cost.

The exhibition function refers to the ability of the display to hold shelves, monitors and products, as well as display graphics. Modular exhibits can emit light in this area because of the way they are erected. Frame elements include channels and slots, and can easily add shelves, display adapters, graphics supports, lighting, and so on.


•Highly Portable

Modular trade exhibitions will shine in all these areas because they use lightweight aluminum profiles, wrap them flat in transport boxes, and are usually assembled using a single tool. Since they consist of light components, the modular exhibits are easy to carry and transport. It is well known that traditional trade shows are very heavy and require a large number of installation plans. On the other hand, the modular display can be carried by one person and set up in a few minutes. A piece of work can be used as its own unit, allowing individual staff to travel easily and set up a stall in any size of space they allocate. By contrast, custom displays are usually made of medium density fiberboards, plywood and laminates; assembled with screws; and shipped in overheavy wooden boxes, which you need to move with a forklift. Therefore, the next time you want to buy exhibits at a trade fair, consider providing the advantages of modular shelves at affordable prices to enhance influence, flexibility and portability

• Durability

Modular trade exhibition displays are considered to have high durability even in the case of transportation and repeated assembly. Frames are usually made of tough materials, such as aluminum or fiberglass, while fabric panels are made of durable polyester or nylon. No matter how often they are used, these products can be preserved for a long time in the course of their use, which is a long-term investment.

The modular exhibits are essentially a skeleton or frame, and you can then use the fabric pattern or the printed Lexan graphic panel "skin". In today undefined rapidly changing market environment, this ability to quickly, easily, and economically adjust the appearance of a display is critical. As a result, you can easily change shape and size, and you can also completely change the message and appearance of the display from one program to another.

3、Customizing Your Purchase

All of our modular trade exhibition display systems can be customized using your logo or other graphics. Our internal design team knows our products better than anyone, and we can ensure that your brand requirements are met and that your booth as a whole looks as attractive as possible. Some portable independent displays can be designed for free, and we also provide custom graphics work, as well as easy-to-use templates that make the design of the display simple and clear.


Our frame system meets all the needs of today’s exhibit and event builders.

It combines the modular aspect with a custom-build look.

Great ROI thanks to a fast build-up and endless reusability. You save on material and manpower.

Modular and multi-purpose: The same frame is suitable for both hard panels and SEG fabric graphics.

The most sustainable system on the market: limited use of infills, endless reusable and modular frames, light weight system, reduced chrome plating or coating.



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